Angel's Landing, Grand Canyon National Park

Angel's Landing trail with storm clouds

Angel's Landing in Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park is probably the most fascinating and thrilling hikes anywhere in the world. Known as the Temple of Aeolus in earlier times, Angel's Landing is a 368 meter tall rock formation. If you are in love with nature or want to enjoy a mesmerizing and charismatic view of nature then do not wait for anything else and pack your bags for hiking Angel's Landing. The whole round trip can be done in about 3 to 4 hours.



To reach to the top of this rock you have to take the route of 2.4 miles long trail which starts from park's shuttle system. It is almost a 5 mile long trip and the trailhead is at a height of 4300 feet. Although the route has narrow and steep ridges, support chains have been anchored for the safety of the hikers. At the end of the trail you will get to witness some of the most amazing views of nature over Grand Canyon which you will cherish for your whole life.

Photo by DJ @ oxherder arts on flickr

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