Better clean those hotel room glasses again

Hidden camera investigation on how room service actually cleans your rooms drinking glasses. This is stomach turning!

Cleaning? habits

Watch this video to see how some of the major chains thinks it suitable to clean your in-room glasses and mugs.



Of course, as you can see from the video, this leaves all kinds of nasties on the glasses in your hotel room. This goes whether it's a Sheraton, Marriott, or any other major chain. It's probably just as bad outside the U.S.A.

My tip?

Bring a small bottle of dishwashing liquid and clean the glasses and mugs yourself. Your gut will thank you for it!

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Eeeew. Glad I never stay in such classy establishments... ;-)

ubertramp on 22 November, 2007

Waste of time

Honestly, is this the worst you can come up with? Hardly shocking....

on 29 July, 2009

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