Ex Officio travel sweater for women

ExOfficio hoody sweaterMy wife and I really like the Ex Officio clothing range both for travel and otherwise. They're always easy to clean, long lasting, and packs without any wrinkles. As a gift, I just got this camel colored long-sleeve hoody sweater for her and she's loving it.

The reasons it's so good for travel is that it's made of chenille fleece, which is both quite warm and breathes well, and is very soft. You can also wash this sweater in a sink and it will dry fast on a line. And, it only weighs 1/2 lbs, so can be crammed into a carry-on bag with ease.



There's also a range of Ex Officio sweaters for women available, so there should always be something for varied tastes as well. We also have other reviews of Ex Officio clothing on eyeflare.com.

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