Two sunbathing cats on a hand wagonThe picturesque Sfatului Square in Brasov, ringed by gothic buildingsThe Berlin ReichstagA sunny day in May brought out the cafe crowds in Brighton.Wall art in a Berlin metro station - A sunny day at Brighton Beach, EnglandBandstand on Brighton Beach, EnglandThe Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is one of the most well-known sights of Berlin.Horse and carriage near Brandenburger Tor in Berlin.Some strange pipes on Unter den Linden in Berlin.Cafe life in Amsterdam, NetherlandsView over a canal in Amsterdam with an old church in the background.One of the many thousands of bikes found everywhere in Amsterdam.This statue sits in an hidden courtyard in central Amsterdam.Graffiti on a wall.A crucifix and madonna shot on Lubitel 166 in Assumption Church, Chicago.A bunch of cool stickers on a wall in Paris.Traffic under the EL-train in Chicago.A self portrait at Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture.Cloud Gate is a successful sculpture. It invites you to come closer, absorb, move away, look more and do it again and again.In Millenium Park, this Abraham Lincoln impersonator posed for photos for tourists.Street performance in Chicago.A US flag waving on a windy Chicago day. Looking over the Chicago River towards East Wacker Drive.The top of this tower / building in Oxford looked really photogenic against the blue sky. Shot with Holga.A fishmonger's stand near the water in Sultanamet.The ferry landing in Kadikoy, Istanbul.Dramatic red of the plane's wing contrasted to the white and blue of clouds and sea.Big mirror-ball on Millenium Square.Detail of gates by the railroad tracks in Bristol.Sampling liquid iron in the foundry, Joinville, Brazil.Sparks flying in the foundry, Joinville, Brazil.Skulls in the Paris Catacombs.Little girl in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.A group of children in the daycare center, Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Taken during a guided tour of this favela, which has/had a very rough reputation - althought with what's considered one of the best Sunday street markets around.Boy playing basketball, Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.In Sao Fransisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Pictures from my travels.