Another shot of Elvis, he threw his head up and barked.This is Elvis the Elk. He lives in the Langshyttan Elk Park.The Sveg lake (Svegsjön) in Härjedalen.A cow nearby my brother's house, Gotland, Sweden.This is the old city center of Visby, Sweden.Sticker decorations on a postbox in Visby, Sweden.Molten iron pouring into holding vessel in Swedish foundry.A ferry in Stockholm.The church in Sveg, as taken with my Holga.Ferris wheel at night. Malmö, Sweden.The old Swedish type of train engine.The bridge over Öresund, between Malmö and Köpenhamn.The church in Sveg during a very cold winter.This hawk is the weapon of Malmö city.West Harbor, Malmö.Old rusted bouie, Malmö, Sweden.

Images from Sweden.