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A great value choice in Southeast London, the Holiday Inn Bexley offers a relaxing stay for visiting the Big Smoke

On 29 April, 2014 by Jack in Lodging

Las Vegas is chock-full of exotically themed hotels to chose for your vacation to the City of Sin.

On 31 March, 2014 by Jack in Lodging

Brisbane offers a wide selection of hotels, but how do you narrow down the selection to what's right for your vacation?

On 09 February, 2022 by Erica Gustafson in Lodging

To get a real taste of the free-wheeling Amsterdam zeitgeist, consider staying at one of the legendary Flying Pig Hostels.

On 10 January, 2012 by Mary Van Keuren in Lodging

The dollar is low and prices for Paris hotels are high as always. Or...? There are actually quite a number of good hotels at better prices than you'd expect, even under 150 Euros per night

On 15 October, 2015 by Mike in Lodging

Members of the U.S. military or direct relatives can take advantage of the Armed Forces Vacation Club to get some fantastic deals on condo rentals all over the world

On 19 June, 2010 by Jack in Lodging

Recently, not only have hotels begun to overbook more rooms when they can, they've also begun to short change some travelers when too many guests show up and they run out of rooms.

On 27 May, 2009 by Jack in Lodging

Britain isn’t known for the best service, and during this credit crunch, that could mean the end of a vast range of UK budget hotels and other travel companies

On 10 January, 2009 by Jack in Lodging

Hostels are beginning to become a lot more popular with older travelers as both the recession bites harder and the quality of hostels keeps increasing

On 05 December, 2008 by Jack in Lodging

With an outdoor pool, free coffee and tea all day, free WiFi and a common kitchen, Todd's Hostel Las Vegas is a poor man's Ceasar's Palace

On 28 September, 2010 by Jack in Lodging

Hostels might be a great choice if you're in New York City and don't have friends you know well enough to crash on their sofa

On 08 October, 2008 by Jack in Lodging

Las Vegas is an adult playground whether you're into gambling, partying, or simply experiencing a range of fun activities

On 28 September, 2010 by Jack in Lodging

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