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Cloud Gate 1

Cloud Gate is a successful sculpture. It invites you to come closer, absorb, move away, look more and do it again and again.

Cloud Gate is created by Anish Kapoor, an Indian sculptor from Bombay who lives and works in London. This fantastic sculpture is in Chicago's Millennium Park. This new park was created for the millennium celebrations in 2000 and is just north of Grant Park.

The Cloud Gate, or 'The Bean' as it's colloquially called, was planned to cost $9 million but as happens the final cost came to a tasty $23m. Apparently, $23 million buys you a 66 ft long, 33 ft high and 42 ft wide 110-ton sculpture. The Bean is made of stainless steel plates over a frame, welded together and then very carefully polished.

No, they still haven't figured out how to keep it really clean.

Cloud Gate is certainly a successful modern sculpture. It invites you to come closer, absorb the distorted perspectives, move away, look more and do it again and again. Together with it, you can play with the Chicago skyline. It will certainly give you a new perspective on it. Definitely a photographers plaything.

More information about the Cloud Gate sculpture.

Posted by Jack on 09 September, 2006

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