About getting older and taking care of my dad

I'm turning 34 in 6 short weeks and my dad is soon 70. Wondering about what to do if he becomes unable to take care of himself and what to do (I'm an expat) found me the Bettercaring website. Bettercaring dedicated to anyone who needs answers to difficult questions about care for themselves or their loved ones, for example selecting nursing homes.



The site has a large directory of residential care homes in the UK, information about how to finance care for elderly people, and most importantly an active forum where you can ask other concerned people about their experiences and learnings.

Bettercaring is updated daily with news about these issues and also reviews products and services that help with family care issues. There's plenty of information about how illnesses that affect older people can be treated and how it affects those caring for older relatives.

The forum has helped me face some realities about potentially caring for my ageing father and how to do it while living abroad. It promises to be a difficult transition if it comes to pass, but Bettercaring has already made me better able to face this possibility.

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