Americans, get your passports now

On June 1, 2009, everyone crossing the US border will need a passport, including American citizens.

Previously, Americans crossing the Mexican or Canadian borders overland or arriving from a cruise, didn't need to produce a passport to cross the borders. And while there have been noises made about that no longer being the case at various times, this new deadline won't be delayed.

So if you're an American with a trip planned, you need to get yourself to a passport office pronto – the lines will only become longer until June 1.

However, you do have a choice between getting a passport and a 'passport card' – the latter is only valid for land border crossings and cruise disembarcations. But while a passport is $100 (and about $15 for the photos), the passport card is only $45. So it may be a better choice for anyone not planning on international air travel in the future.



For more information about getting your passport, visit the U.S. Department of State Passport home page.

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A passport is *always* worth having, can double as a second ID, and this is a great time to get one - in between travel seasons.

Anil on 08 January, 2009



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