Cucina Italiana Paprika, New York

Unfortunately, this restaurant is now closed down.

Cucina Italiana PaprikaBrunch venue extraordinaire, Paprika is a heartily recommended visit in New York's East Village.

The brunch at Restaurant Paprika



On a lazy Sunday, six boisterous guests - that's us - rolled into Paprika on St. Mark's Place in New York both hungry and poor. This was a good thing.

The brunch special at Cucina Italiana Paprika is a brilliant USD 10.80 and this includes coffee, tea or juice, a Bellini or Mimosa, and a choice of a meal. I ordered the blueberry pancakes with crisp apples, which was excellent.

My companions chose eggs benedict that came on heaping plates and my wife a sumptious goat cheese and spinach omelet. We also ordered in some scrambled green eggs that I highly recommend. Tasty!

Service and venue at Restaurant Paprika

Located in midtown, on St. Mark's Place, you're near most of the reasonably priced hotels in Manhattan. I won't say cheap hotels, as you won't find any of those in New York.

The service was reasonable, but a little rushed, even though the restaurant was mobbed. Restaurant Paprika itself is modern and airy, with tasteful decorations and comfy seats. Mind, it's a tight fit, which won't bother the trendy crowd eating here.

In the evenings, Cucina Italiana Paprika turns into a trendy bar and restaurant and we'll be back for our next New York visit.

Cucina Italiana Paprika contact details

Cucina Italiana Paprika
110 St. Mark's Place (between 1st Ave and Ave A)
New York, NY 10009

+1 212 677 6563
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