Ganesha Restaurant, indian food in Paris

Parisian restaurants are very expensive and on our last night we we're a bit wiped out financially. This little indian place near Gare du Nord came to the rescue.

Located on Rue Perdonne, five minutes away from Gare du Nord train station and in the La Chapelle area, the Ganesha Restaurant is a simple but bustling affair. Specializing in Indian and Sri Lankan dishes, it has a full menu and drinks list.

We didn't expect anything fancy, and didn't get it either. What we did get was tasty food. For just 20 Euros we had roti, bhaji's, a biryani and a fish curry with a bottle of wine. This was better value than the sandwiches and crepes we've lived on for the last few days.

The restaurant caters to the local residents, and backpackers from what we could see. A good find and recommended.

Restaurant address and phone



14, rue Perdonnet
75010 Paris

Phone: +33 (0)1 46 07 87 90
Metro: La Chapelle or Gare du Nord

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