Great reads #4

1984 the movieThe best travel articles from the last few weeks. Enjoy these reads from other blogs and sites.

Travel articles from the 'net

Bug-Eyed Travel Photos with the $10 Fish Eye Lens. Vagabondish shares how you can build a fantastic fish eye lens from just a bottle cap and a front door peephole gadget. It takes some weird and wonderful photos and will add variety to your travel photography. There's a brilliant example on the page too.

Happy times in Georgia. Gadling shares that you can, apparently, have happy times in Georgia. No, not the U.S. state but the former Soviet satellite state. And no, not happy as in BBQ's and 4th of July but as in photoshopping riot police to look like Mickey Mouse. Definitely a destination for the alternative traveler.

6 Simple Ways To Beat The Post-Travel Blues. Brave New Traveler's writer Anna Brones writes 6 great tips for getting over getting back home. Her tips includes taking time for a proper photo album, throwing a big dinner party for your friends, and finishing off that travel journal. Read the article for the other 3 tips.

Something not travel related

Are your sleep habits making you fat, nasty and dumb? Jonathan writes about how you driving yourself so hard, and not sleeping enough, is making you both fat and stupid. Here are Jonathan's 5 tips for better sleep:

  • Exercise more
  • Cut down on alcohol & caffeine
  • Go to sleep at a consistent time
  • Develop a sleep routine
  • Use the bedroom only for sleep and nookie

All very sensible tips, read the whole article for the rest!

It’s 1984.

"Pudding Media is a new company that is currently beta-testing their online phone service. It operates much like Skype, only instead of paying by length of call, the calls are free. Free? Yes! Isn’t that great? The only hitch is that their machines will be eavesdropping on your calls to identify keywords in your conversations which will translate into ad content sent to your screen during the conversation."



Anyone else worried about this?

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