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Laura Ries is one half of marketing textbook power-duo Al and Laura Ries. They've published books such as "The Origin of Brands: Discover the Natural Laws of Product Innovation and Business Survival". She also has a good blog on marketing and branding issues. In October, there was an interesting post on marketing a non-profit brand.



Living in London is a very expensive business. Thankfully, The Motley Fool has a wealth of information on saving money and investing. The 25 Money-Saving Tips article from this year has saved me a bit of money since I found it the other week. And if you're worried about spending too much, check out your over-spending index.

For free music you can always go to Ain't Nothin' But and listen to some blues. If you prefer a free laugh, look up Theatre Royal Stratford East's free comedy club every Monday night.

The BBC's Alastair Leithead recently spent some time in Afghanistan's Helmand province with the British Royal Marines. Embedded in the troops, he got to experience their life in a war zone first-hand. Read about Alastair's experiences.

Speaking of blogs, Press Complaints Commission director Tim Toulmin raised the spectre of a "voluntary code of conduct" to "offer people a means to complain about coverage" on the internet. Sounds like he's pushing a pretty obvious agenda; that of creating more work for his organization. More at BBC Online.

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Pigeon cull in Kingston

Kingston Council is planning a pigeon cull. Naturally, the citizens of this fair city have many insightful, sober and sensible things to say at Totally hilarious!

Jack on 14 December, 2006

And check this out

I forgot to mention 'Driver Down', which kicks all kinds of ass. See for some really amusing writing.

Jack on 06 December, 2006



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