Shopping at Winter Park, Orlando, Florida

The Winter Park/Orlando area of Florida is one of the best parts of the state for shopping. From department stores in giant shopping malls to to small, unique neighborhood boutiques, you can find it here. The main local shopping district of Winter Park is known as Winter Park Village. Here you will find several dozen smaller stores with a focus on apparel, gifts and house wares. The area is also scattered with a mix of local and chain restaurants. Winter Park is a relatively upscale area and the stores and surrounding areas here are clean and pedestrian friendly.



If you travel into the city of Orlando you will find many more mall-style shopping opportunities. The Mall at Millennia is a shopaholic’s paradise. The two story indoor/outdoor shopping center is an amazing collection of every store you can think of. Anchor stores include Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. Many of the hundreds of stores at Millennia are on the upscale end, but you will also find plenty of moderately priced shops. Millennia’s smaller shopping counterpart is the nearby Fashion Square Mall. Fashion Square has many of the same stores as Millennia in a smaller and less overwhelming structure, as well as other shops unique to that location.

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