Tips for Philadelphia to New York budget trips

Tough economic times have put a crimp in holiday travel, reports Travelers Aid Philadelphia from the special vantage of its traveler assistance booth at Amtrak's 30th Street Station. "We can offer some tips for travelers on a budget," said Ted Weerts, Travelers Aid Philadelphia executive director.

Avoid high parking costs at the airport. Take SEPTA's R1 line to Philadelphia International Airport for only $6. With departures twice an hour, the trip takes only 22 minutes and stops at every terminal entrance.

Park at short-term meters to pick up arriving passengers at 30th Street. Save time and reduce costs, and tell your guests to meet you at the centrally-located and easy-to-find Travelers Aid booth.

Take advantage of low-priced travel options. From 30th Street Station, go to New York via Megabus or Boltbus for as little as $10 one way, or take SEPTA's R7 line to Trenton to link with New Jersey Transit trains to North Jersey and New York for as little as $20.50 one way.

Make reservations and arrive early. Bring a photo ID, and arrive at least 30 minutes prior to an Amtrak departure, or longer if you need to check baggage.



Ask Travelers Aid. Located on 30th Street Station's Central Concourse, Travelers Aid staff offer advice and information, travel tips, emergency assistance and much more to as many as 300 travelers a day.

"Navigating the train station can be very confusing for passengers not familiar with it, especially the elderly, disabled or nervous traveler. We encourage you to park, bring them inside and ask Travelers Aid for assistance. We'll be glad to help," said Weerts.

For more information or travel advice, call Travelers Aid Philadelphia at +1 215-395-6183 or visit

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