A cooler Tube journey from 2010

Boris Johnson yesterday unveiled a mock-up of the new "S" stock trains being constructed for the Metropolitan, Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines. Boasting more spacious interiors and easier movement between carriages, the main bragging point is that the trains will feature air conditioning, a first for the Underground. Sweltering Victoria line commuters, don't get your hopes up - these shallow, cut-and-cover lines make a/c much easier, though TfL claims to be working on a scheme for deep-level tunnels.

In addition, "enhanced" audible and visual customer information, improved CCTV and two-way customer alarms are promised. The seats are covered by a moquette which will doubtless find it's way into the London Transport Museum's furniture collection before long.



The new trains will be rolled out on the Metropolitan line in 2010, with the Circle and H&C the following year and District by 2013. The mock-up carriage is on display for a week, starting Saturday 27th (not Sunday), and is located at Euston Square Gardens until October 2nd.

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