Twitter roundup: Your 2010 travel wishes

I reached out to some of my contacts on Twitter to ask about what their plans / wishes for travel in 2010 are. Here's what the most read travel bloggers are thinking about doing this year:



@foxnomad: To set foot in 6 continents. 7 Would be a bonus :)

@cultoftravel: My 2010 travelwish is to get to India. Thx for asking :)

@karenbryan: My 2010 Travel Wish - To visit Channel Islands, Corsica & Sardinia.

@niltiac: To explore more of California and do multi-day hike in Yosemite.

@travelrants: I wish the UK travel industry would talk less and be more active, especially on issues like holiday financial protection.

@lifecruiser: 1.Michigan, US to visit friend who moved there. 2. See midnight sun in northern Sweden. 3. Escape next winter to a warmer place!

@CFInstructor: Sensation White party in Amsterdam.

@craig_martin: I wish I could visit Antartica this year, but I'm happy to leave it a bit longer :)

@WritingTravel: 2010 #travel wishes, wildest dreams: Atlantic Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific NW, Paris, Cuba/Latin America, car/train across US.

@JCreatureTravel: My 2010 Travel Wish is to spend time exploring the archeol + countryside of Iran, a country we only hear a lot of bad news about.

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North of Yukon to South of Patagonia, OVERLAND!

Ivan on 11 February, 2010

@United Planet: Thank you so much for taking part and sharing your 2010 travel wish!

Jack on 11 February, 2010

Our 2010 wish is to help more people understand and improve the world through travel.

United Planet on 11 February, 2010

I agree, they're pretty extensive. I'll be happy to make it to Morocco this year. Should be achievable.

Jack on 11 February, 2010

Wow! The others are far more ambitious than mine! Look at @foxnomad's travel wishes - I'm deeply impressed!!!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog on 10 February, 2010

Love the feature. Here's mine! @Caroldtravels I want to go to India, Africa and South America - but I'm heading to Malaysia first!

Carol Driver on 09 February, 2010



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