They want stupid people breeding

Isn't it obvious yet? They're religious! They want stupid people to breed. They count on it. It guarantees them safety in numbers, and for future generations to come. They make money that way.

No, of course they don't make sense. They're not supposed to make sense. If it made sense, it wouldn't scare people. And if it didn't scare people, it wouldn't work.



Outlaw abortion, legislate against birth control, teach abstinence to kids. The population explodes. Now you have more consumers.

But don't stop there. Lobby against Darwin. Teach creationism in schools. Groom each generation to be more fundamentally stupid than the last, until you have a nation of people who don't even know where to look for alternatives to the idiotic lies you've presented them with.

Now you have more consumers that will believe anything they're told.

Then you can finally say things like, "God said thou shalt vote for GW," and "If you don't buy that slurpee, you're going to hell" with total impunity.

The religious right successfully got its hooks into American governmental procedure about twenty-five years ago. American citizens that don't want to organise a civil war now have two choices: abandon ship, or abandon hope.

They glorify shepherds, ever notice?

That's because they want sheep.

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