What to pack: The Fisher Space Pen

I used to bring all kinds of pens - usually they exploded their ink into my bag or onto my lap halfway through the flight. I finally found a better pen.

The Fisher Space Pen

The Fisher Space PenKnown for writing through grease, under water, upside down, or in the vacuum of space, the Fisher Space Pen has been a stable in Fisher's range since 1959. While all those extravagant claims may be true, the most important for a traveler is that the pen won't leak. Ever.



Since I got my matte black pen, I have carried it with me to several continents and many flights. So far, it writes easily, on most any paper (even coated papers, which is great) and just simply works.

Yep, gushing over a pen is geeky. But... the Fisher Space Pen just simply works. I like that.

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So does a pencil...

Well... you know the joke about the russians and the americans ... the americans spent millions to make a space-pen... the russians used a pencil :))

Sergiu on 25 January, 2010



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