Back from Sweden

The last five days I've spent in Sweden together with my wife, visiting family and friends.



That, as always, means no updates on for the period. But, I've got a few things to write up from the Södra Dalarna region as well as Sveg. Amongst them, a moose park where you get so close you can pet the beasts!

A few good photos will be posted as well. Stay tuned.

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Sweden Post

Yes please post about Sweden, I have been reading up on it and would love to know a bit more from someone who has been there.

Cheers Oisin

Oisin on 18 August, 2009

post about sweden! I'm going there in 2 months.

Nomadic Matt on 12 August, 2009

Thanks Anil, it's actually nice to be back.

Jack on 12 August, 2009

Welcome back :)

Anil on 12 August, 2009



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