Caffe Vergnano 1882, London

Espresso - lovely!

A coffee lover’s paradise, this proper Italian coffee shop at 62 Charing Cross Road in London serves some of the best espresso and cappuccino anywhere.

Caffe Vergnano is fairly small. There are a few tables and two bars along the wall and window. The interior is minimalist in birch, browns and leather and has a relaxed feel. It is also dominated by the huge Elektra Belle Epoque Q1-C espresso machine in the photo. There is also quiet jazz and classical music playing, allowing you to talk sotto voce if that’s the mood.

The Elektra Belle Epoque machine does merit a mention: It’s a very unusual espresso machine with only a few made each year at a price of more than 6,000 Euro. Caffe Vergnano is the first London coffee shop with the honour of having one lent to them by the central Caffe Vergnano company.

As you would expect, the coffee is fabulous. The espresso is smooth and powerful without any sourness or bitterness, the cappuccino creamy and full of flavors. This is thanks to very skilled staff, who are attentive, coffee lovers, and that pay a lot of attention to cleanliness and freshness.

Coffee is served on a tray with a small glass of water. This is to cleanse your palate before you have your coffee. Not after, like everyone ends up doing. It really does help the appreciation of the coffee.

Besides the coffee, the café serves cakes, sandwiches and other bites to eat. You can even get a good cup of tea if it takes your fancy.



Hugely recommended.

Caffe Vergnano 1882
62 Charing Cross Road

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Try Warwick

Sorry to see the comments about the London store, but my brother lives in Warwick (myself in Birmingham) and when ever I'm over we always go to the Vergnano 1882 in his town. The service is great and the coffee is the best I've tasted anywhere. I mean anywhere! Even when I travel in Europe I haven't found a better cup?!! This is one special coffee shop!

Gary on 12 September, 2009

Can't comment on the food

You may be right about the food, I've never tried it!

Jack on 15 March, 2009


Cannot comment on the coffee, but don't be tempted to eat here. Poor quality food (you'd do better with a Tesco ready meal) and downright offensive service. One of the worst experiences in London.

CJ on 15 March, 2009



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