Chicago Cultural Center

If you are planning a visit to Chicago, the first stop on your trip should definitely be to the Chicago Cultural Center for a couple of reasons, firstly to view the building itself and secondly for the program of events that the Center puts on. The Center is one of the most popular attractions in the city and on a yearly basis holds more than 800 cultural events and exhibits all of which are free to attend.

The building which houses the Center is over 100 years old and was originally constructed to be Chicago’s first public library. It contains many beautiful and unique features fabricated from materials such as marble and mother of pearl which are well worth seeing. However, the most notable attractions in the building, which you should definitely view if you visit, are the two fantastic stained glass domes, one of which was made by Tiffany and is the largest art glass dome in the world. Guided tours are held three times a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons, although private tours can also be arranged by appointment.



Once you have toured and enjoyed the attractive surroundings, you can view the events and exhibits which are constantly being held in the Center. These can cover anything from art exhibits and dance performances to film screenings and music performances and are a joy to experience. Check before you visit to find out what is available on the day you plan to be there.

If you are a tourist, be sure to go to the visitor information Center before you leave, as this will provide a vast array of details about other Chicago attractions which can be visited to enhance your trip to Chicago. All in all the Chicago Cultural Center provides an excellent day out for tourist and locals alike and is definitely one of the must see attractions in the city.


Chicago Cultural Center
78 E Washington St
Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: +1 312 744 6630

Visit the official website

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