Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum of Philadelphia

This museum is currently closed and hopes to re-open in a new location in 2011.

My visit to the Civil War Library Museum in Philadelphia Pennsylvania was a great family vacation. North of Gettysburg and far from the fields of the Civil War, the museum nonetheless is far superior to many of the Southern battlefield museums that I have visited in my travels.

What I liked most about the museum were the many family friendly exhibits that were scattered throughout the three story museum. At every corner there seemed to be a painting, artifacts, or audio/video that engaged my children in learning about the Civil War. Overall, a great experience that is tucked away in Philadelphia.

Museum collections

The museum's collection includes the mounted head of "Old Baldy", the horse that was ridden by Union Major General George G. Meade during most of the Civil War. Old Baldy's head was mounted in 1882 and restored in 1991.

In addition to a large portrait and artifacts associated with General Meade, the museum's collection includes personal items from other Union generals including Ulysses S. Grant, John F. Reynolds, and George B. McClellan.

The museum has on display a large collection of military escutcheons, which were made in the United States from the end of the Civil War until about 1907. They resemble a coat of arms and depict the military record of a veteran. Usually commissioned by the veteran or his family to memorialize his service, they were produced by an artist using chromolithography.

The museum's collection also includes items pertaining to Abraham Lincoln, including a cast of his hands, a lock of hair, and a death mask.

Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum of Philadelphia address and hours

Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum of Philadelphia
1805 Pine Street

Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00am-4:30pm



Phone: +1 215 735 8196

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