The clever Spider Holster for your digital camera

The Spider Camera HolsterOne of the more clever camera accessories I've seen recently is the soon-to-be-launched Spider Holster from photographer Shai Eynav. Basically, instead of wearing your camera on a strap hanging from your neck, you attach a slide-in hook to your belt (see the picture on the left) and to your camera's tripod socket. This lets you hang the camera off your hip / belt instead of it pulling your neck towards the ground all day.

Much more comfortable I'm sure. If you've tried carrying a heavy pro-DSLR from your neck, you'll really appreciate not doing that anymore.

Since the camera holster is so small, this is a really good product for travelers or events photographers. It fits in a carry-on bag together with your other stuff, or keeps your camera bag from overflowing - or being overweight!

Here's what Shai says about the new product:

Get your DSLR from hip to hands in a flash and change the way you carry your camera and take photos with the Spider Camera Holster.

Convenient: The holster sits at you body's center which gives you instant access to your camera when you need it, and a great place to keep it when you don't.

Durable: Pocket-sized and solid, the holster can take bumps and travels like a pro.



Beautiful: With the Spider you'll have one less strap or bag to take with you, just a nice metallic shine.

It Feels Good: No back, shoulder and neck stress - the holster and camera rest on your hip and leg complementing your body movements. Carrying your pro camera has never been more comfortable.

Your Gear? No Problem:The Spider Holster puts your camera's weight at your body's center of gravity, so it's a very comfortable place to carry your camera, even for several hours on end with a heavy lens and flash attached. Part stainless steel, part solid aluminum cast the Spider is extremely durable and designed specifically for active shooting situations with more than one camera.

Rest Assured: The Spider's unique locking mechanism lets you choose:

Lower Position - a quick-release lock that latches automatically when the camera is placed in the holster. The lock keeps your camera firmly in place but gives the camera freedom of movement, so it rides on your hip, even with heavy glass. Release the lock with a touch of a finger.

Upper Position - for free camera motion to get your DSLR from hip to hands in a flash

Here's the video Shai produced to show off the product:

Unless this turns out to be quite expensive, I'm buying a Spider Camera Holster. How about you, do you think this new product is a good idea?

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That price is quite high. Well worth it for professionals, but I'm not sure about hobbyists. Although I've seen people spending much more than that on photo accessories!

Jack on 26 October, 2009

I saw the holster at the Photo Expo in New York City. Well designed and classy. Unfortunately it was being sold for $135 and will cost even more when it is released in November:(

Ed Kriz on 26 October, 2009



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