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Living in London? Going to London? Here are 6 sites that hook you up with the inside knowledge.


Bands can put up listings of their gigs on this site, meaning it has thousands of small and large gigs listed. Find any type of music in every part of London and get tickets via the site.

Visit Gig-Guide.

Official London Theatre Guide



The Theatre Guide covers every production taking place in London's West End and elsewhere. Always up-to-date and with plenty of special offers for theatre shows, it's a great resource.

Visit The Official London Theatre Guide.

Time Out London

Time Out sells itself as the provider of "authoritative views and reviews of everything that's great in London" and mostly provides. The site contains almost everything that is on in London, though non-commercial events are somewhat lacking. Despite a recently introduced user comments function, the reviews usually say very little about the actual event. Great articles and roundups though.

Visit Time Out London.

Urban Path

Urban Path is an events and review site with a difference; the items highlighted are voted up by the site's users. In the site's words "they're the collective opinion of thousands of Londoners who use urbanpath every day." Check out the Top 100 nicest things in London for some quick tips on where to go right now.

Visit Urban Path.

What's On In London

Naturally, someone came up with the name What's On In London. An old-timer, around since 1952, the site is chock-full of news, views and interviews. Venues, events and so on are picked by the site's staff. If you'd rather not surf, the guide is available in print too.

Visit What's On In London.

What's On Stage

This theatre events site lists all the shows on right now. It has theatre news and reviews as well as articles about theatre. You can also buy tickets to a show via the site, often with discounts. What's On Stage also features a discussion forum, user reviews and user blogs if you want to find out more on a show.

Visit What's On Stage.


For more tips on what to do in London, simply search with the keyword 'London'.

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Official London Theatre Guide

We liked the Official London Theatre Guide for their news on kids and family theatre for our visit in March....

Gudrun on 26 March, 2008



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