Free audio tour guides for business travelers

The Economist produces a number of very good audio guides for busy business travelers to use before and during a visit to the major cities of the world. These Economist 'Doing business in...' audio guides are a great complement to the Economist's city guides.



Each guide is about 15 minutes long, and you can download them to your MP3 player or iPod to bring along during the trip. The guides cover:

  • Getting around the city
  • Top hotel picks
  • Good restaurants for business entertainment

This is all fantastic information, quickly digested, for anyone going to a new city for hectic business meetings.

Here are some examples of the nuggets you'll get:

  • "Start running towards passport control as soon as you get off the plane". (Tip for passengers landing at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport)
  • "Pack a sense of humor and a good sense of the ridiculous". (To those traveling to Dubai)
  • "You can arrive on Sunday or Christmas Eve and still have business meetings. (On arriving in San Francisco)

You can find The Economist Audio City Guides here

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