Freecycle your way to being green

Need furniture for your pad? Get it free by a webswap. Got a spare vacuum cleaner or computer monitor? Give it away to a new home. Cut down on your environmental impact by Freecycling your stuff.

Give to receive

Freecycle works by members offering up goods for free to other members; it can be anything from a toaster oven to a car. The only rules are that it has to be free, legal, and suitable for everyone from 0-99 years. Any member who wants what's on offer responds and the donor can decide who receives the item and a time to pick it up.

Remember the Golden Rule, paraphrased: Give as you would like to receive.

Freecycle members

The members of Freecycle are students, executives, squatters and ordinary people. In other words, people like you. That means someone out there is sure to need what you want to give away. This project truly is a grassroots initiative. Currently there are over 3.4 million members spread globally in 4 thousand local groups.

Environmental benefits

By using Freecycle, or another webswap site, you will:

  • Save money by getting free stuff, making you richer and happier
  • Make the recipient of your unwanted stuff happy too, as they get free stuff
  • Reduce your carbon impact
  • Create less landfill by using a product for its true lifecycle
  • Feel more connected to your local community



Every time you Freecycle, you've just removed the emissions and pollutants that went into making a new product, reduced the impact on natural resources, and freed the roads from yet another truck. You've also helped a fellow Freecycler unclutter their house, and get to feel a little bit smug about doing something really great for nature.

Learn more about Freecycle

Begin by visiting the Freecycle website. You will find information about the project and links to local groups all over the world.

The Wisconsin State Journal wrote an article about Betsy and Gayel Larsen, of Oregon, who were able to build a three-stall horse barn almost entirely with Freecycled stuff. The Telluride Daily Planet has an article how Freecycle is becoming the Free Box of choice in that community.

Have you used Freecycle? Tell about your experience by leaving a comment.

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