Frequent flier programs losing their value

The frequent flier miles you've lovingly accrued are quickly losing their value with big airlines making tickets near impossible to get.

Delta Airlines customers are complaining that it's getting more and more difficult to book Saver tickets from their miles. It's a downgrade for the airline's program and follows Northwest's devaluation earlier this year.

The gutting of frequent flier programs has been a long-standing issue with both leisure and business travelers, and is only set to get worse. Another example of this would be American Airlines move to halve the validity period of their miles from 36 to 18 months.

Other airlines are sure to follow with program downgrades, which is a shame. This is an industry where even more customer friendly practices need to be introduced not less.



More about this is available on Upgrade: Travel Better, who calls this move another stab in the back of frequent travelers.

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