Make your luxury travel budget friendly

Champagne taste on a beer budget? Try out Luxury Link to score a true luxury holiday on the sort-of-cheap.

Luxury Link auctions top trips

Luxury Link offers their customers access to great web deals on luxury destinations, hotels, and cruises. Here, you can get up to 70% off on travel auctions or special offers that you can book right away. In other words, you can feel like this on a budget:

Currently, if you're looking to find your own infinity pool, Luxury Link has a gorgeous stay at Aqua Resort & Spa at $2,000 instead of a normally eye-watering $6,000. Or take a room at Gritti Palace in Venice for $900 instead of the normal $1,400.

They have thousands of of products listed - tours, cruises, specialty travel, hotels, resorts, inns, lodges, yacht charters, villas, spas, and more. I'm sure you'll find something that takes your fancy.

How you can get money off on extravagant trips



Luxury Link lets you either bid on trips and stays via their auction system or buy booking directly. Potential savings are much larger in the auctions. But of course, you may not find anything in your price range this way, or the wonderful trip may end up being bid too high for even your champagne tastes.

So, for your next trip, try it out and see if you can treat yourself to something spectacular!

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