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Hotel Locanda Conterie, Murano, VeniceMurano, the island where all the glass art is made, is a quiet and cheaper alternative to the Venice islands for a hotel. There are only two on the islands, both good. Staying on Murano will save you a bundle, as it's off the beaten track, in other words, not right in San Marco! So if you want to relax, you might want to try either of these two hotels.

It's also quieter than nearly anywhere else in the area, and so more relaxing. We were looking for the most peaceful stay possible, but if you want some more excitement and will stay out drinking each night, well, maybe this is not the right area for you. Getting into central Venice on the Vaporetto is quick and easy during the day. While daytime transportation to central Venice is good, at night it's a lot more infrequent and be prepared to walk to the northern Vaporetto landing at Fondamenta Nuove.

Locanda Conterie

A family run business, this charming hotel used to be the family villa of one of the old glass-making families of Murano, all the way back to the 16th Century. We stayed here for a week, while exploring Venice and surroundings.

The hotel has comfortable rooms, with fridge, air conditioning, LCD TV, safe, and great bathrooms. It's all decorated in classic Venetian style, in other words opulent, and looks much more expensive than it is.

The good

You get more for your money here than on one of the central islands of Venice. We paid $140 per night for a very comfortable room. Location is less than five minutes walk away from the Museo landing (and the Museo Vetrario).

The bad

The breakfast leaves something to be desired... Very basic continental breakfast with plastic-wrapped croissants doesn't really cut it in Italy. Internet access is also very expensive at 3 Euro per hour, at the price, this should be included.

Contact details for Hotel Locanda Conterie, Murano:

Hotel Locanda Conterie
Calle Conterie
21 30141 Murano

Phone: +39 (0)41 527 5003
Fax: + 39 (0)41 527 4245
Website: Hotel Locanda Conterie



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Al Soffiador

Al Soffiador is located even closer to the main Vaporetto stop in Murano, and set in a nice square. Prices are the same as for Locanda Conterie, so expect to pay around $140 per night. We didn't stay here, but stopped by quickly and the staff was nice and the hotel is very well taken care of.

Contact details for Hotel Al Soffiador, Murano:

Hotel Al Soffiador
Viale Bressagio, 10
Murano - Venezia

Phone: +39 (0)41 739 430
Fax: +39 (0)41 739 174
Website: Hotel Al Soffiador

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