Just back from New York City

Lauri and I went to New York for a long weekend and are back home in London today.



While in the Big Apple, we met up with some friends and found a few gems we would both like to share. These will all get full reviews in the next few days, but here's a preview:

  • The Carlton Arms Hotel at 160 E. 25th St - NY's coolest hotel?
  • Paprika Restaurant at St. Mark's Place - brunch heaven
  • Chocolate DeBauve & Gallais on Madison Avenue - extravagant indeed
  • L’Express at 249 Park Ave South - 24 hr good & cheap french fare

More and photos coming soon.

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As long as you have a guide (I'm happy enough to be married to a New York native) it's a fantastic city. Reviews are forthcoming!

Jack on 14 November, 2007

Good trip?

Looking forward to checking out first hand reviews! Sounds like you must have had a pretty good weekend, too.


ubertramp on 13 November, 2007



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