The new vacation terms

We had 'staycation' and 'mancation' but the travel industry* has come up with some new terms** lately:

unification family reunion cruise
beautification travels with a super model
altarcation trip to Vegas to get married
bocation taking time off for botox treatments
ramification spending quality time with male sheep
instellation inter-galactic travel
indication traveling to hear indie bands
placation when you agree to a cruise with your in-laws
salutation excess sodium explains weight gain from vacation
intoxication going to an inexpensive, usually Eastern European city and getting drunk
mastication gourmet tour
verification the age-old search for truth
desiccation time spent in rehab
obfuscation you lie about your destination
lubrication wine tour
dictation partner took too many Viagra on vacation and frightens wife
location destination below sea level

Right, normal sensible service will resume here at later this week...!

* Well, some dude on the internet



** Or rather re-hashed neologisms...

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