Ryanair now offers same day bookings

For those with last minute travel plans, Ryanair has improved their booking process so that you can fly on the same day as you book. On the website you can now go ahead and buy a ticket at anytime up to 6 hours before the scheduled departure time, which is a massive improvement on the previous next day booking window. Not quite a walkup situation, but close to it.



Travelers will still need to check in online at least 4 hours before departure. They will also need to print their boarding card off as normal.

The airline's Daniel de Carvalho said: "Ryanair's new same day booking services means that passengers who need to book a flight and travel on the same day no longer have to go to the airport ticket desks hours in advance... This new passenger service is the latest to make travelling with Ryanair even easier and to help passengers avoid wasting time in airports before their flight."

If you're in even more of a hurry to find a flight, you can always buy a ticket at the airport.

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