Ryanair to raise boarding pass fee to 100 Euros

Ryanair, masters of fees as they are, is set to raise the fee for issuing a boarding pass at the airport to Euro 100. Currently, forgetful travelers are hit up with an already huge Euro 40 for each boarding pass that's issues at the airport rather than during online check in at home.



Ryanair's chief executive, Michael O'Leary, has confirmed he wants to increase the fee. According to The Irish Examiner, O'Leary wants to reduce the number of passengers who forget their printed boarding pass.

"You really now must check in before you get to the airport," said O'Leary. "If you don't the fine is 40 euros and if that doesn't get rid of them all within a very short order, we'll double that fine to 100 euros."

Basically, it's another way for Ryanair to both: Cut down on airport staffing costs, and ensuring they raise further revenue from travelers.

Of course, you could easily avoid paying the heart-stopping fee by simply checking in online before your trip, as you're able to do this up to 15 days before departure and up until 4 hours before take off. And, if you're flying with Ryanair, do make a note in your calendar to do just that!

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Hi Anny

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Ryanair. They're truly masters of the added fees, and I now only fly them when it's significantly cheaper to do so. Unfortunately, that's pretty common ;-)

Jack on 12 November, 2009

Last week we flew from Dusseldorf Weeze to Barcelone. We did the online incheck at home and printed it. While going through customs, it was not accepted because i.s.o. the whole first name in our passport we used the first letter of the first name. It wasn't made clear to us in readable writing that we had to use the whole first name. We needed to go to the service desk to have it changed in the right name and it cost us € 150.- per person (for 4 minutes of work at the service desk). So for a return ticket for 2 persons, for € 104.- we needed to pay € 300.- extra.

As we wanted to visit our daughter in Barcelone, who is studying there we did pay it, but we think this amount is not at all fair in comparison of the "verdict". As consumers we are going to complain at the Dutch official offices for consumers affairs.

Shame on Ryanair.

Anny on 11 November, 2009



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