Sat Lav - Find a loo on the go in London

Westminster City Council has launched a service where you can find the nearest toilet by sending a text message.

Named Sat Lav, it works by you drunkenly texting TOILET to 80097 on a UK mobile phone and it'll send you back the nearest location to relieve yourself. Westminster hopes that the service, brainchild of a 26 year old Londoner, will help avoid having 10,000 gallons of urine polluting the area.

Sat Lav works by triangulating your position with mobile phone technology (and not satellite navigation as the name suggests) to find you a potty quickly. As Westminster is home to Soho, the West End and other major tourist attractions like Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the service could become quite successful. Here's a video about the service from TV station ITN:

The cost will be a reasonable 25 pence, well worth it when your bladder is bursting. So far, the service will cover Westminster, but hopefully it will be extended to other popular nightspots around London.



If you're headed to London, or live here, it's time to store 80097 in your phone as a new contact. Maybe name it 'Peevee'?

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