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Nice suits on a rackAs if you needed another reason to head over to New York and spend some money, a new service from My.Suit is a great incentive for anyone who likes wearing nice men's suits. If you're in town for a quick business visit, you can drop in to My.Suit's Midtown Manhattan store, get fitted, and return back home with a fresh crisp suit being sent to you in just two weeks' time.

This type of custom suit at nearly off-the-rack prices used to be reserved for travelers to Hong Kong, Thailand, or India, so it's nice to see that domestic business travelers can now take advantage of getting a made to measure suit made up just for them. After all, for those of us who need to wear a men's suit to work, know how good it feels when they fit really well. At prices starting at $495, it's quite a good deal as well, seeing as a low-end Ted Baker Endurance job is about that money. OK, so Ted Baker and 'low end' are very relative terms, but these suits from My.Suit are really nice. Here's what I'm planning for my next NYC trip and will get a new suit made up:

At the store, we'll spend 15 minutes to get measured up, and then it's down to picking a style for the suit.

There are a few hundred combinations for the suit style, such as the type of lining for the jacket and trousers, but also some smaller details like whether you want a coin or pen pockets in it. Hundreds of choices to make, so you can get exactly what you'd like. Myself, I'll get a 4 button suit with a double back vent, slim lapels, and fitted shape. Trousers will be plain fronted without any turnups. Then I'll add an MP3 player pocket, pen pocket, wallet pocket, and a ticket pocket to the jacket. Coin pocket for the trousers and a right-hand pocket on my rear. Options are fun.

Then, looking at the materials on the site, I'll go wild on selecting the fabric. Though it'll probably end up being a simple black pin stripe. Goes well with both colorful and plain white shirts.



I'm not sure how much this set up would cost. There are a few options here that'll be more labor-intensive than a straight-up suit after all. It helps that the suit's made with a lot of high-tech help such as laser-cutting the fabric swathes. Great service for domestic travelers, go try it.

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