Top 10 hangover causes

For the next time you're looking to feel absolutely shattered after a day/night/weekend out - try some of the following alcoholic drinks. Horrible after effects are virtually guaranteed.

10 - Lager. For the amateurs only. Produces some after effects after the fifth pint.

9 - Ale. See number 10.

8 - Vodka drinks. Short and sharp hangovers. Will cause the dreaded "booze odor" the following day.

7 - Vodka Red Bull. Falling over while wide awake and making a fool out of yourself. The evening will probably be completely forgotten so you don't have to be embarrassed about it.

6 - Flaming Sambuca. Like Vodka Red Bull, but you will have strange burns around your mouth the next day.

5 - Caipirinha. Causes an inability to say "I've had enough" and a pounding day long hangover. Also goes for Mojitos.

4 - Whisky. Drink enough of this stuff and it won't be pretty. Sensitivity of light and sounds is quite possible and you'll smell like your dodgy uncle Rod the next day.

3 - Red wine. A lovely but cruel mistress. After a bottle or two you're happy but wake up wishing to be dead.



2 - Tequila. With its magical ability to bypass your stomach and go straight to your head, you know you're in trouble as soon as the bottle comes out. For professional boozers only. Hangovers may last in excess of two days.

1 - Absinthe. Involving sugar cubes, fire, special spoons and plenty of myth, this is one serious drink. It can drive you crazy. The hangover may possibly cure alcoholism - you'd never want to experience it again!

Overdone the boozing?

If you've tried all the above, or are about to, you better read the Ultimate hangover prevention tips for travelers.

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