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Being late, as usual, I just now found the Girl with a one-track mind blog. This is the blog where the author writes in detail about her life as a sexually active young woman in London and was outed by the Sunday Times recently.



I think it's quite low of a newspaper as prestigious as the Times to do this, and journo Anna Michailova should have shown considerably more restraint. Which has put blogger Abby Lee (pen name only) in a tricky personal situation, causing her to go into hiding but amazingly still writing her blog.

Ms Mikhailova and her editor-in-chief should have first read the Press Complaints Commission's Code of Conduct and this recommendation in particular:

"Everyone is entitled to respect for his or her private and family life, home, health and correspondence. A publication will be expected to justify intrusions into any individual's private life without consent."

Abby is now having photographers “camped outside my home, and also my parents’ home”. People from her past are contacted and offered money to talk about her. She's had personal, very personal, information such as her birth certificate, where she lives, where she went to school, her mother's name and where her mother lives emailed to her by a stranger.

It sounds like stalking, doesn't it?

I'd expect The Sun or similar trash news rags to expose someone like this, not the times. I hope they go back to hiring journalists able to write something more valuable and live up the more noble examples of journalism such as Bernstein and Woodward.

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