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James Trotta moved to South Korea over a decade ago to teach English. So far, it's a pretty common story. What's not so common is that he set up his blog in 2004 and got married. Today, the site is absolutely full of travel articles in literally dozens of categories and is a great resource on traveling in Korea, the USA, and pretty much everywhere else.

One area James covers that I found quite interesting is his strong interest in doing movie sights tours and covering them on his blog. In movie tourism, there are articles covering what to go see from films such as "Waking Ned Devine", which takes you to Isle of Man, covering the village of Cregneash, the local museums, and other sights on the island. This movie really helped put Isle of Man on the map for many, as it was such a critical success.

Or, you might be interested in knowing that the movie "In Bruges" can help you find out about that city:

In this case, it's a whirlwind through the "Venice of the North" and its many musems and parks. Also, don't miss Grote Markt, the old central marketplace, which James carefully highlights.

I also like James' travel questions section, where he's helping out travelers with such varied issues such as 'lost' items after TSA inspections, travel apps for your phone, and which nice little town by the beach in Italy should be visited.

All in all, a great travel resource, and you could do worse than following James on his RSS feed. James, it's a great site, and keep it up for a long time coming. Recommended.



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