City guide to Alexandria

Introduction to Alexandria

One of the most dynamic port cities of the ancient and the modern world, Alexandria, Egypt is a great place to visit. You can spend time following the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Marc Antony, Cleopatra and Napoleon and see the city that was home to the world’s greatest library and lighthouse.

While those artifacts are no longer standing, you can visit the citadel of Quaitbay and a theater built by the Romans. Alexandria has numerous museums including the Alexandria National Museum where you can view artifacts from all of the major historical periods of the city. If you are more interested in religious sites, you can visit the church founded by St. Mark (of the gospels), St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral or the El-Mursi Abul-Abbas Mosque, built over the home of a sufi mystic.

Though Egypt is a Muslim country, you can easily find bars in Alexandria including the large Spitfire Bar on Sa'ad Zaghloul St. While in Alexandria, try traditional North African and Middle Eastern foods at the many restaurants including the ubiquitous Gad for falafel or the Kushari Bondok for the traditional noodle and rice dish, Kushari.

Enjoy the sights of the port and the sweep of history by visiting Alexandria, the jewel of the Southern Mediterranean.

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