City guide to San Francisco

Introduction to San Francisco

Viewing San Francisco from across the bay

San Francisco is a unique and beautiful city that is famous for its twisty, hilly roads. Home of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, it has many sites to capture you attention. The shopping in Union Square or the trendy locations in Hayes Valley can make for a great day of shopping. The bay offers fishing for several fish species and seasonal weather changes should play a part in your planning if you are looking to fish.

There is a booming and trendy night life scene in San Francisco and many choices for a night out on the town. Wine plays a big part in the culture here as does sea food. There are many resturaunts to choose from and there are several for every budget. The Golden Gate Natural Recreation Area has almost all of the San Francisco beaches such as Stinson Beach and a few of its parks and woods such as Muir Woods inside its borders.

San Francisco International Airport handles most of the flight traffic and there is public transportation available in the city. Lodging is plentiful and so is entertainment. You can catch a Giants baseball game or a 49'ers football game when you are visiting.

Photo by MikeBehnken on flickr

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