3 healthy Mexican travel tips

It's easy to get ill while travelling around Mexico. The bacteria is different and the food is very spicy. Here are three tips to stay healthy while visiting Mexico.

Pick the right street food vendors

As valid in Mexico as it is in Thailand or Sweden, it's important that you pick the right street food vendors. Otherwise you could end up suffering from Montezuma's Revenge. Look for a stall that:

  • Has plenty of customers buying food
  • Cooks the food right in front of you rather than sitting under a heat lamp
  • Seems to get a regular cleaning

Spicy food actually helps with avoiding food poisoning; many spices have anti-bacterial properties.

Drink bottled water

A common recommendation for good reason. Bottled water is safe in most cases, but... Look out for tampering. Sometimes vendors in poor countries will refill the bottle with boiled or even tap water. Which means you'll head for dysentery central.

Watch out for altitude sickness

Mexico City is high enough (at 2,250 meters / 6,500 feet above sea level) that many visitors will suffer from mild altitude sickness. Symptoms include headaches, loss of appetite and the inability to sleep well. If you plan to visit places at high altitude, remember that it will take a day or two for your body to adjust. Take a lot of rest breaks, drink water, take a mild painkiller for headaches and restrict time spent in direct sunlight. It is also easier to suffer from heat exhaustion at high altitude.

More information about staying healthy in Mexico

For a wider range of information about staying healthy in Mexico, see Mexperience's Health & Safety page.



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