The best travel blogs on the web

Great new travel sites are popping up all over the place. These are my favorite travel blog picks at the moment.

Ubertramp is the brainchild of travel and freelance writer Nathan Richards. His writing playfully engages the readers on topics such as " 5 Cheap Ways to Relive your Travels" and "Social Travel Networks: Do We Need Another?" Hop over to Ubertramp for more.

Brave New Traveler doesn't do travel stories, but great articles on the art of travel. If you want to find out how to travel rather than where, Brave New Traveler is the site for you.

Polos Bastards on the other hand does location-based travel stories. They're personal experiences in a number of exotic locations and well worth reading. If nothing else for the quickly induced jealousy.

Another place to find great travel blogs is the Trusted Travel Blogs Network.

If you have any further travel blogs to add, copy and paste the links between the cut marks and re-post together with your own picks.


The web's best travel blogs




Great stuff, now let's see what sites you can come up with!

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I agree with this article and i like this views. Nathan Richards is a such a wonderful writers I like his all views.

Erwin on 07 April, 2010



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