London events, blog networking and some food - eyeflare newsletter 8 joined the Trusted Travel Blogs Network in the beginning of May. And I've added more about food.

Travel blogs networking

The Trusted Travel Blogs Network works as a stamp of quality assurance on travel blogs. It's great to be part of a peer-reviewed network that provides honest travel advice and reviews. There are so many paid for reviews and straight out 'money-for-recommendations' out there that this network is a great help for travellers everywhere.

On this weekend

London's Royal Festival Hall, located on Southbank, re-opens this Monday after a long refurbishment. In celebration, the Southbank Centre is putting on a weekend of free activities called The Overture. Read Free festival on Southbank this weekend. Of course, if you're more interested in a gig you can look at one of the 5 sites mentioned in Find out what's on in London.

Let's have some food



Besides Victoria's review of Carmen's Cafe, I've published a great recipe for Swedish meatballs. While in Paris, my wife and I came across the Ganesha Restaurant, which serves cheap Indian food near Gare du Nord.

To finish, some tips before the Stockholm trip

I'm soon travelling to my native Sweden with my wife, who hasn't yet visited the country. Here are the pages I'd like to share with her, and you, about Stockholm, Sweden's capital city. Read a quick guide to Stockholm.

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