Charge all your electronic gadgets at once

Getting your electronic gadgets charged while you travel can be taxing. There are so many chargers, cords, and connections that all have to be brought and matched up. I know people who travel with a digital camera, laptop, iPod, cell phone, and digital storage equipment. Half the suitcase is used up by adapters instead of clothing!



Of course this means they bring way too much crap with every time they take a flight. In addition, if you want to use those airport charging stations to plug in your cell phone, iPod, and BlackBerry it'll cost a fortune to use 3 different outlets.

But the problem isn't theirs alone, or mine alone, and some clever boffins have come up with a solution.

The Callpod Chargepod is a three-inch disc compatible with more than 1,000 mobile devices. Simply plug into a power outlet and then connect up to six of your travel gadgets to its starfish shaped body. Then go get a drink while your toys are charging their batteries. This is a nifty solution to a gadget lover's eternal battery problem. But on the other hand, maybe it would be a better idea to bring fewer electronics?

You can buy the Callpod Chargepod from

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