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It's hard to get a good workout in while on the road; cramped hotel rooms, no gyms, and no space in the carry-on bag all conspire to get you out of shape. And not everyone enjoys running, which is the easiest way to get the blood flowing while on a trip. This exercise video shows you how to hit all the major muscle groups in your hotel room, giving you a total body workout in just 18 minutes:

A great workout while traveling

These exercises go far beyond the basics and will hit your whole body with these exercises:

  1. Squats with leg abduction for your thighs and bum - 1 minute per set
  2. Chair dips for triceps and back muscles - 1 minute per set
  3. Hip lifts with leg abduction for leg and core work - 30 seconds per leg and then switch legs
  4. Rotating/'bicycle' crunches for abs - 1 minute per set, rotate sides for each repetition
  5. Holding plank (also called a 'bridge') to push up to work your chest and core muscles - 10 seconds in the plank position, then one pushup for 1 minute per set

This is a great basic workout while traveling. It won't keep you in competition shape, but when you can't get to the gym for a couple of days, it'll keep you trim. Three sets of each of these exercises will keep you trim while on vacation or a business trip.

Your travel fitness tips



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Looks great

This looks like an interesting concept. I always think of doing this but need to a tight plan to cram it all in to a short workout. I'm going to try this. on 16 March, 2008



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