Cruise ship struggling with heavy waves - Video

This video taken from an unnamed cruise ship being hit by very large waves makes for some sobering viewing. It's obvious that the weather is harsh, bordering at the very least on a full-blown storm, and the ship furniture, staff, and passengers are being thrown about like rag dolls. I don't expect any cruise line to put this footage on their marketing website:

After watching that, is there any doubt that even such large ships as cruise liners are still really affected by the weather? For all the talk about how sedate cruising is, once a storm hits, all bets are off and passengers and staff alike are at the mercy of the sea.



Actually makes me wonder why their fittings aren't secured, like on a merchant ship. What do you think of this video? Hit the comments.

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Oh. My. God. This is frightening!

Suzie on 07 September, 2010



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