Dave Hax's best tips on packing quickly

Wonder how you can pack a suitcase quicker than ever before? Holiday Inn Express hired Dave Hax as their "Efficiency Engineer" to share his best hacks (see what I did there?) for packing a suitcase. I've added a write up of the tips below the video. Follow these tips to pack quicker and neater:



Here are Dave's tips:

  1. Use portable hanging shelves to speed up your packing time. If you travel frequently, put this together before time, and simply drop this into your suitcase when you're packing
  2. For short sleeve shirts and t-shirts, use the ninja-fold to package it up with some special Japanese style in two seconds flat
  3. Packing a collared shirt? Roll your belt up and put it inside the collar to support it, it'll stay stiff and wrinkle-free
  4. Pop the lids off your travel bottles, then seal it up with cling film. Put the lid back on and your bottle is pretty much guaranteed not to leak
  5. With your razor, snap a bulldog clip over the exposed razor blades and they won't cut anything. They'll stay sharper too, so you won't cut your skin either
  6. Our friend the bulldog clip comes in handy to securely hold a cable wrapped too
  7. Pack cables and chargers into a sunglass case, or if they're taking up too much space, a smallish packing cube. That way they're always easy to find later
  8. Forget the charger? Check if the TV has a USB port. This should be powered when the TV is turned on and can charge a phone over a few hours time
  9. Want some music in your room but refuse to pack heavy bluetooth speakers? Pop your phone into a mug and it will amplify the volume nicely
  10. Wrap suit jackets into themselves to keep them clean and stop creases forming
  11. Use a business card instead of a luggage label. Not only will your back (maybe) get returned to your office, thieves won't know your home address when you're travelling

Curious about that amazing shirt ninja-fold? Well, here's another video from Dave showing the fold in more detail. Do try this at home:

For more Dave Hax, try his YouTube channel. Thanks Dave, this tips are brilliant!

Photo by Craig Sunter on Flickr

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