easyJet launches miles credit card

easyJet's Iannos Stelios has just launched a new airmiles credit card for his budget airline, and if you're a frequent easyJet traveler, it may be a useful way for you to get free travel.



In a co-venture with Citibank, easyJet's credit card gives you 3 miles for each £1 spent on easyJet (i.e. about per each $2), and is the first miles credit card for a budget airline. Unfortunately, miles aren't as generous when money's spent elsewhere but on easyJet. Each mile on the card is worth 1 penny (2 cents), and unlike other airmiles cards, the miles are counted as credits against ticket purchase prices. This means that a balance of 3,000 miles will give you a £30 discount on your next easyJet airfare ticket purchase.

The www.Choose.net website has a fuller easyJet credit card review, which is worth reading for more details. They will also give you a chance to compare air mile credit cards issued by UK suppliers. The site is worth a browse to check on other credit card offers available, while they are financially dangerous (and interest payment can easily cut into your travel budget!), they can also be used to get free money if you know what to do, such as the practice called Stoozing.

I have to say that this credit card does hold it's own against others, such as Citibank's own American Airmiles card, as UK travelers are usually getting short shrift from their cards. As a bonus, if you spend £250 on the card within the first 3 months, you'll get a 4,000 miles credit on your card, worth £40 at easyJet. Because the easyJet credit card is backed by Citi, you get all the usual Citi add-ons like online account management and online fraud guarantee with active fraud protection.

If nothing else, it could be worth taking out the card, put a big purchase on it, and then never use it again. In other words, £40 worth of free travel!

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Thank you. When booking a flight the credit card payment fee is standard across all credit card product at £10.45 and debit card £5.50 so is easyjet credit card fee fall at £10.45? if so this not competitive!

on 13 March, 2011

Unfortunately, they do charge for any card, especially as they've discontinued the easyJet Mastercard agreement as it was.

Jack on 06 March, 2011

When making a payment on easy website, the charge to use a master card credit card is £10.45, does this apply as well to Easy jet credit card mastercard holder? Thank you.

Aurore on 06 March, 2011

Unfortunately I don't think it has, as I haven't seen it advertised around the airports.

Maybe someone who's recently flown easyJet could jump in?

Jack on 13 December, 2010

Can anyone tell me whether this programme has restarted as I am tired of getting clipped for £5-£10-£15 through the use of various credit/debit cards everytime I pay for a flight with easyjet.

Oliver Jackson on 08 December, 2010

I was told by Citibank that Easyjet were looking for another company to take over from Citibank and that airmiles earned can still be reclaimed from Citibank up to (I think) 1st March 2010. Also, those of us using it will get a free years subscription of Easyjet's speedy boarding card.

Peter Shram on 28 February, 2010

Hi Yvonne. You'll need to check with the easyJet website whether this offer is still open.

Jack on 15 February, 2010

great offer i am a regular easy jet customer and would like to apply for the easy jet credit card please send me deatails how to apply , thaks yvonne

yvonne summers on 15 February, 2010

I believe that easyJet and Citibank has closed this program down.

Jack on 11 February, 2010

Are Easy Jet still offering a credit card?

Christine Fowles on 11 February, 2010

@s rickers

They're hardly the best. I'm getting more out of my frequent flier associated credit cards with other programs.

Jack on 10 December, 2009

air miles with easy jet are a rip off con they kill them off without notifing you suposed to be 12 months ! a load of bull just a rip off hope they all lose their lying jobs

s rickers on 10 December, 2009

Redeem during checkout

The easyJet airmiles can be used while checking out in their shopping process. Simply select to use your miles balance as payment or part payment.

Jack on 03 August, 2009

to redeem airmiles

how do i redeem my air miles for flights

julie short on 03 August, 2009

Using the card

Here's how to use the easyJet Miles credit card for free flights.

Jack on 10 March, 2009

Card activation

Why do I have to ring a Premium Rate line to Activate my Card. Greed, pure greed

Mike Lawson on 21 February, 2009

I'll write about this

Lynda, I was about to put a post together about how the miles program for easyJet works. Seems that's definitely worthwhile.

Jack on 09 February, 2009

redeeming airmiles

My husband and I signed up for the new Easyjet/ Citibank Mastercard at Malaga airport on our return home to the UK in August 2008. With 4 young children and frequent visits to our apartment we were tempted by the 4000 bonus miles each (as we took separate cards) towards flights. Never did the Easyjet rep explain that this would be converted to a 'cash' sum towards flights and we were tempted by the fact that 8000 miles would get us several free flights given the distance to Malaga and our experience of the BA airmiles scheme. the cash equivalent of 80 GBP is hardly likely to pay for one flight given we travel in school holidays, so we are actually feeling very misled!! We have lodged an official complaint but the outcome was hardly representative of the info we were given at the airport.

Lynda on 09 February, 2009

How to redeem points

If you want to redeem points, you need to either contact EasyJet.com or Citibank.co.uk.

Jack on 29 November, 2008

redeeming points

how do you use your points.

on 28 November, 2008

Contact Citibank

You really should contact Citibank directly as this is a travel site that only provides travel related information. I'm sure Citibank can help you activate your card.

Jack on 16 July, 2008

Activate Card

I have an easyJet (orange-coloured) credit card and want to have a PIN. I cannot do this at cash machine - could you advise me, please? Thank you. Joyce McLennan

Joyce McLennan on 14 July, 2008



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