How to work the easyJet credit card for easyJet Miles

easyJet airplaneeasyJet launched their airmiles credit card together with Citibank back in February last year. It's a normal MasterCard, except that you'll collect easyJet Miles for using it.

What the easyJet MasterCard will give you

Starting off, there's an initial offer. If you spend £250 on the card within the first 90 days, easyJet will give you 4,000 easyJet Miles, which are worth £40 towards a flight, including taxes.

After this, your spending on the card will give you:

UK spend £1 = 1 easyJet Mile
Overseas spend £1 = 2 easyJet Miles
easyJet flight spend £1 = 3 easyJet Miles

With each mile being worth 1 pence, your credit card cash back equivalent value would be between 1-3% of what you spend. Anything you spend on travel insurance, accommodation, or car rentals on also gives you 3 easyJet Miles per £.



Keep in mind that you're not actually getting 'miles' with this card like with traditional airline-based loyalty programs. You can't exchange your miles for a ticket type once you get 40,000 miles. What you do get is a giftcard-like credit towards purchases on Keep that in mind, so you're not surprised that it doesn't work like on American Airlines or British Airways when redeeming miles.

Tips to maximize your easyJet credit card benefits

To make sure you get a benefit from the easyJet Miles card, pay off your bill in full each month. That way you avoid paying interest, which runs much higher than any value you get from your collected airmiles.

Whatever you do, don't be tempted to use your card to get cash out from an ATM. Not only is there a 3% / £5 maximum charge for this, but the interest rate will all of a sudden be a new and astronomical rate.

Do use the card to pay for everything if you really want those flights. Food shopping, car fuel, your online shopping... it all adds up quite quickly and as long as you don't pay interest, the Miles are a free benefit. The same advice goes for any awards credit card.

What the fine print says

Without checking the brochure they send out with the card, there are the following things to keep in mind:

  • Interest rate will be about 16.9%
  • Interest rates on cash advances will be much higher!
  • There's no annual fee
  • You get free accident travel insurance, but only if you book on
  • The offer free fraud protection, like every other credit card

My thoughts on the easyJet airmiles credit card

This card can be a useful tool to get free travel. As long as you pay off your bill in full every month and use it for everything you buy, the Miles will add up quickly.

Having said that, I don't use mine anymore as it isn't as valuable as my other rewards card, from which I get cash at the end of the year. Your mileage may vary.

Have you used or are you using the easyJet Miles credit card? What are your thoughts on it?

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This card has been closed, so unfortunately you can no longer apply for it.

Jack on 23 January, 2017

someone could tell the name of the website where i can apply for it

Anonymous on 23 January, 2017

Take out a VISA Electron Card. Halifax Still do it.

No credit card fees like Easyjet Master Card used to charge.

Check out

It is a personal project, and it is no way endorsed or connected to Visa or anyone else.

Job Chithalan on 30 March, 2011

I am FURIOUS at Citicard.

I did not receive a letter in December supposedly informing me that Easyjet and Citcard are ceasing their connection.

I have over 40,000 airmiles with EasyJet to redeem, yet they say I am not entitled to them as their partnership ended in January and I had to redeem the cash by Feb28th???!!!

Since I only found this information out a week ago due to non receipt of this so called letter (which I a waiting for a copy of), how was I to claim back what was owed to me?

I received a new credit card in the post, but hadn't registered the old one lost or stolen... I called to ask why this was, which was when I found out that the Easyjet card was no more....

I would never have been with this company if it wasn't for the Easyjet Airmiles... ??

I earned those miles fair and square and paid my balance off in full at the end of each month for the last two years...

can anyone advise on this - Citcard say it's basically 'tough luck' that I didn't receive the letter.

Emma on 26 March, 2010

I redeemed what points i had left after citi citi card had deductedthose over a year old. Still not recieved my redeemed points in cash,what a con

Ant on 25 March, 2010

easy jet credit card i am looking for

c m eaton on 20 March, 2010

The Deal was good whilst it lasted.... I got £80 worth of flights in a years spending, and i'm not a big spender....

Deal over now and Citibank reduced my credit amount by 1/3 of what it was under EasyJet, and also doubled their Interest %

If I had maxed out my credit card I would really be up a certain creek without a paddle!

Never trust a Bank !!!

Anonymous on 04 March, 2010

Book a flight now

I'd recommend booking a flight sooner rather than later. The points will be reimbursed to you as per Pauline's comment above. Booking sooner means you'll probably end up with a cheaper flight as well.

Jack on 26 January, 2010

airmiles help

I want to redeem my air miles before they end can you tell me the end date for easy jet airmiles yours dm

andrew Mansell on 26 January, 2010



PAULINE on 14 January, 2010

its £8 now to use card

I just booked a flight and was appalled when the message came up you card has been debited with £62 of which £8 is the credit card fee. I only used the card to redeem the miles so now have to wait to see if it is all redeemed on my next statement, there should be something flagged to tell you this. I've flown easyjet many times now and once the plane is off the ground its the business, even the coffees drinkeable, but the service beforehand, managing your bookings, actual booking (new website is terrible and slow) its shit and they treat people like third rate citizens, its so mercenary, 60p a minute to ask a question, 'hello, how are you, hows your day been, thats 75p already, you cant be rude, they'll wait 5 minutes and then you hear the dreaded, wont be a minute, bear with me' no, no, wait but theyve gone and its nessum dorma by Rolf harris.

luke8250 on 11 January, 2010

I too have received my letter from Citibank - so I am just about to book some flights online, which is going to cost me an extra £9.95 just for using the Easyjet card but before I do it – will the points value in money be deducted when I book? Has anyone actually book online using the EJ credit card and did the money come off straight away? Sorry I am a bit confused with all the comments. I don’t want to book it unless I know for sure, as I have around £52 (well £42 minus the credit card fee) to use on the card before Feb 28th.

Also, I will never use Citibank again they have been a nightmare of a company; the online system is rubbish as is the phone banking. I’m pleased to get rid of this card.


Belinda on 07 January, 2010

The CC fee has always been a bit of a rip-off. I just checked, and it's currently £8 for a return on two people, while the actual cost of processing that payment is less than £1 according to the Office of Fair Trading. Still, less than Ryanair's much higher CC fees!

I also notice the Speedy Boarding fees have gone up quite a bit lately!

Jack on 07 January, 2010

Agree with Hazel, customers have now been advised in writing that the EasyJet Citi Card is being withdrawn. I am surpised there is no other loyalty scheme as I travel EJ a lot and find them ok. Mind you the credit card booking fee has crept up to a horrendous amount.

Debbie on 07 January, 2010

hi guys

very difficult to redeem miles on the website.

after all the work of keeping up with the payments to avoid interest charges the return is to little.not recommended

daniel naya on 02 December, 2009

I have just recieved notification from citi cards, as from 1st jan 2010 they will not provide easyjet programme. make sure you claim your points or cash them in.

Hazel on 26 November, 2009

I to like Alex have just lost 5000plus miles and i to thought that using the credit card would automatically ask if you were using airmiles, so instead of saving money it has cost extra. i to will be closing my account. I also agree that customers should be notified miles are about to expire. I will not be reccommending easyjet credit card.

Jackie M on 10 November, 2009

I have just had 6512 miles deducted off my statement? I assumed by paying with the ukltra exoensive EasyJet credit card instead of a Debit Crad this would automatically deduct my points, how clever and how wrong was I. Why do they not mention any thing about how it works on the statement you recieve and why dont the warn you your milesare about to expire, who can rercall when you recieved your account card. A clever piece of smart marketing.cancelling my card.

Alex on 10 November, 2009

Thanks for sharing Jackie.

I've found that the American Airlines miles program is the best, not so useful for those living in Europe maybe, unless they travel to the United States quite a bit.

Jack on 10 November, 2009

Yes - agree with all your comments. The rate of miles has dropped since I first got this card. And you have to use the credit card to redeem your mile, which costs £4.95 at least (that has now gone up for more expensive flights) that's £495 worth of purchases I think.

If you want to book two singles from to for an return from different airports, that's more. But I did get the inital free £40 towards a flight.

However, I did sign up with Tescos recently to get the BA airmiles, and spent quite a lot on the card, but when I came to redeem those I'd earnt and didn't have the full amount in air miles I could make up the difference in money, but that balance would have cost more than if I had bought the whole flight with realy money. And they don't/won't/can't include your points value on the credit card statement, and their online system is incorrent. And, like Easyjet, they have a time limit to use your vouchers whcih I think may be two years.

A couple of years ago I was saving up for something special because you get more with their 'partners' than a straight swop in the shop, and lost out on £30 because I didn't redeem them in time. Not using that card any more. The people who set up these reward schemes seem to be keener to get new business than keep existing customers happy.

Or do they think we don't notice. Keep looking for other introductory offers.

Jackie R on 10 November, 2009

For all those confused about how to book a flight using air miles. You just book your flight in the normal way on You will be given a price at the end which is deducted from your credit card. THEN, the air miles are ADDED back to your card that same month.

Loppy Lou on 04 November, 2009

I am cancelling my Easyjet credit card this month as last month I spent £2068 and received £2.99 worth of airmiles. I am sure there must be a better deal out there somewhere.


LORRAINE GREEN on 04 November, 2009

Which step of the process allows me to use miles. I checked step 5 again, and there is no place I can use my miles. Do I have to update my profile or something?

Martin on 03 November, 2009

I have used the card for a year. Money comes off automatically from statement following flight booking. I do love it as I / family fly Easyjet regularly but definately cheesed off by £1000 max per month! Had a major purchase and thought I was quids in on next flight... Errrm, NO!!!

Many on 28 October, 2009

I could not see where you used your airmiles at the end of the transaction

bob on 24 October, 2009

I too have just been robbed of 4880 air miles because of the rolling 12 month rule - i have just dumped the card & will be flying Ryanair from here on in; took Ryanair to Alicante today so my money is definately where my mouth is.

Andy D on 22 October, 2009

Fair enough easy jet must make money on their cards, but I also was never told about miles being turned into cash. yes when you need to use it its there, but we pay the price for that. so why take the extra drop of blood by reducing the air miles if not used within a year. Good onya easy jet!!

ROBERT on 20 October, 2009

how can i use my airmiles against a holiday. i find it all very confusing , regading the amount of miles i have collected.

julie short on 17 October, 2009

I agree with all the posts, its a bit of a con, i paid my outstanding balance in full on the 1st Oct. and i have just received my statement-they have billed me interest charges! also when looking at my airmiles/points, they have been reduced, cannot understand this because i haven't bought any flights with my card this last few months!!---ITS A CON.

Dixie on 13 October, 2009

The charge for the credit card when booking the tix makes this a slight con. I'm not convinced - especially since Easyjet's flights are not as cheap as they used to claim. And everything you want (seats, food, hold baggage) all come with a price. Card holders should get better benefits

Raouls on 12 October, 2009

I am trying to book a flight through the easyjet website and it does not give me an option to redeem miles.

A.A. Tako on 08 October, 2009

Miles redemption

You get the option of paying with miles when you check out on the easyJet website. Easy.

Jack on 18 September, 2009


how do i redeem rewards when you book flights

dorothyspittle on 18 September, 2009

only valid for 1 year

iwas saving the air miles up only to have some of them deducted off me because i had not used them after 1 year.I think that was a disgrace after all i had spent the money, not worth having.

Anne on 15 September, 2009

Easyjet credit card charges

I have just booked 3 Easyjet return flights to Marrakech costing just over £1000. I had saved up £75 in credits. To use this credit I had to use my Easyjet credit card. The charge for using my credit card was £28 (used to be about £6) so it's just not worth it anymore.

I am switching to Virgin Atlantic

Catherine on 23 July, 2009

Reward downgraded

Rewards now significantly downgraded for UK normal spend it is 3 points per £10 up to £1000/month

Bob on 06 July, 2009


I've got a similar issue with a card from Halifax. It randomly declines the transaction when abroad, even when they've been advised I'm in whichever country. Quite odd, as it's the only card behaving this way.

Jack on 15 June, 2009

Citibank useless

I have just cancelled my EasyJet credit card because Citibank cannot cope with me going abroad. They have stopped my credit card three times in four months because of "suspicious transactions". The first was buying a ticket to the USA, the second was in Brazil after I had told them I was going there, and the third was in the USA (after they knew I had bought a ticket to go there). Other card companies don't stop my card every time I go abroad, so why should Citibank?

The air-miles aren't worth the hassle.

Martin Murray on 15 June, 2009



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